The METOCLEAN DCR hand rollers of the HDHR-ESD series are used to easily remove loose dirt particles from flat surfaces such as circuit boards, printing plates, glass surfaces and much more. The ESD hand rollers can even dissipate static charges so that they are ideally suited for cleaning films, for example.

The special elastomer hand rollers are free of unbound silicone and are characterized by elastomer rollers with ball bearings on both sides, which are attached to a stable die-cast aluminum frame. These double-sided ball bearings mean that the rollers run very smoothly and that no dust particles are produced by material abrasion. The existing plastic handle gives you a very good grip and the hand rollers are very easy to use. Up to a size of 0.5 µm, loose dirt particles, flakes, hair or crumbs are picked up by the rollers by conveniently rolling over the surface and stick to the elastomer surface.

Then you should unroll the roller over the specially designed DTS adhesive pads so that they can be cleaned. At Asmetec, the adhesive strength is matched directly to the hand roller so that the hand roller can continue to be used without particles.

The METOCLEAN-DTS-HDHR hand rollers are available in the widths 150, 205, 240, 305, 400 and 450 mm, both as an ESD version and in a standard clean room version. Hand rollers with a hardness of 25 Shore are ideal for hard surfaces such as glass. The hardnesses 35 or 45 Shore are used for very thin materials such as films and foils. Custom-made products for the width, the roll diameter and the Shore hardness are possible at Asmetec at any time.